The TOKE: Britney’s Dad’s Poker Venture, WSOP Goes Mobile, + Finally, An Excuse to Go to West Virginia…Finally

Britspears_1 :: Brit’s dad fathers new poker project, K-Fed fathers another illegitimate child.  Ok, second part was made up, but Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, is launching a poker software program with the Maloofs (of Palms fame).  The program helps people organize professional-caliber poker games in the comfort of their own homes.  Or in other words, it helps retards who haven’t figured out something simple that people have been doing for years already.  K-Fed signed up as the first client*. Poker 777

:: While we’re talking about rednecks… West Virginia may become the 27th state to allow table gambling, including poker.  West Virginia, which is so bad that Virginia once wanted no association with it, is in its third attempt to get legislation passed allowing casinos to have table games.  Card Player

:: Can you raise me now?  Harrah’s has teamed up with Glu Mobile to launch a mobile gaming program.  This is great news for people who’ve been wanting to play poker while at the john at work.  Poker News

* Fabricated


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