The TOKE: College Edition

753:: Shill Card Player, earn beer money.  Card Player is doing its best to spread the joy of poker to the demo with just about the least possible disposable income, college kids. First, its Web site each month now features some campus chick o’ the month. You’d think after partnering with Bodog, they’d pick up on how to properly show off their girl talent. Not that the girl at right (this month’s "babe") is ugly by any stretch, but she’s no Bodog babe, and let’s just say the pictorial of her ain’t revealing much. ANYWAY, back on point, if you’re one of our college readers and the following description fits you: "If you have a great personality, love the game of poker, and enjoy speaking in front of groups and organizations…", then you could be the next campus representative for Card Player! Read more here or at the "Card Player" link once this sentence ends.  Card Player

:: Ok, maybe scratch the "no disponsible income demo" stuff.  Alex Schwartz, a poker pundit at Washington University in the Loo has advice for you: the perfect poker style is your own style.  But what really jumps out of this article is how the writer lost thousands of dollars on a two-week down-swing while his suitemate won $24,000.  Most kids we knew in college didn’t have a few grand to blow on poker…or anything.  They were eating Ramen Noodles and drinking the Beast.  So let’s retract the whole "Card Player demo comment."  The other interesting thing is that college newspapers are publishing poker advice columns.  WTF?  Student Life

:: Are poker clubs the new fraternities?  At Oakland University, the All-In Poker Club is drawing crowds.  Their top players will rep Oak U (as we like to call it) at the College Poker Bowl in Ohio.  This is not to be confused with the Emerald Nuts BowlOak Post Online

:: …and our Harrah’s-esque awkward and uncomfortable gambling PSA.  Washington University in the Loo (apparently America’s new poker hotbed) is conducting a study to assess the risks of gambling.  They’ve "developed a diagnostic tool for identifying pathological gambling disorder…" Their first subject: Alex Schwartz (ba-da-dum).  Seriously though folks, if you’re lonely, drunk, or painfully stupid, now is not a good time to be gamblingWashington University Med News


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