The TOKE: Cracking Down on Poker Ads, Maybe North Dakota Ain’t So Bad, A Poker League of Their Own + Scott Baio is the New Leo DiCaprio

Kn ::  Forcing poker advertising’s hand.  Thanks to Beaner at sotherewewere for this one.  Save Bodog and the occasional Full Tilt or PokerStars spot, most print poker ads look like they were conceived by some dude finishing his sophomore year in high school.  So (fortunately?) the Culture Secretary in the UK (who brought you Monty Python, the Beatles, and most recently, Kiera Knightley) plans to, ‚Äústop gambling firms from advertising free entry to online tournaments or indicating the value of prizes.‚Äù  Maybe this will force some originality out of the ad firms who are cashing checks and cashing out creatively.  BBC News

:: You‚Äôre darn tootin‚Äô!  Poker leagues in Fargo, ND and Minneapolis, MN are hotter than polka nights at the community center.  CardPlayer

:: Two poker league stories in one day?  The Desert Sun (of Palm Springs fame) reports (via OddJack) on poker leagues springing up across SoCal.  And from the rumor mill, the leader of the Fargo league dropped a track about banging a leader of the SoCal league‚Äôs wife, and a whole Biggie-Tupac/no-coast/west-coast fued is gonna erupt, y’all.  OddJack

:: Gank, meet Scott Baio. Scott, Gank.  What do you have when Scott Baio, Cathy Lee Crosby, Dick Van Patten and Brett “Gank” Jungblut are all in the same room? No, not a “Battle of the Network Stars” reunion crashed by our favorite weed tokin’ poker player. It’s just some of the, ahem, celebs who showed up at’s quasi swanky shindig at LA club Montmartre. I guess having Leonardo DiCaprio at your poker party is so yesterday, or at least last week. From our favorite undergarment obsessed writer Jen Leo, who was there and gave the l.d. over at John Caldwell’s blog, Euro Schecky, it doesn’t sound like you, me or even Gank (who wasn’t totally there) missed much. Euro Schecky


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