The TOKE: Craigslist Edition

Apparently, Craiglist is a wonderful resource if you’re looking to engage in sexual poker activities.  With that in mind, our first installment of an all Craigslist edition of The TOKE.

Od1_copy :: Poker in the rear?  In what seems like a "too good to be true she must look like Kathy Liebert or perhaps really is Kathy Liebert" scenario for single guys whose love lives have deteriorated because of a mild addiction to online poker…Wicked Chops Poker has found your elixir.  There’s a single female in San Jose who says she is, "looking for an intermediate or advanced player to help me improve my game. Ideally you would be a single guy in your 30s; I’d like to start off as friends but would be open to something further should we really hit it off."  Again, there’s a fairly decent chance this girl looks nothing like an O’Donohue twin, but regardless, in related news, Sammy "Killer" Reid just informed us that he cashed in an Air Tran ticket won at a charity event for a flight to San Jose.  Craigslist

:: Wait, what exactly is your definition of "poker" here?  In the New York/New Jersey area, there’s a mature (50’s) upbeat couple looking to play some poker.  They would also like to know, "WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING."  Of course, this may be totally innocent, and since Wicked Chops Poker is neither mature or upbeat, we may have misinterpreted that statement.        Nah.  Craigslist

:: Giving new meaning to the term "tight-aggressive"…  If you’re into poker, shots, shorts (?), and…dudes, then there is a "Gay/Bi/Straight-Curious" game in Chicago with your name written all over it.  Craigslist


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