The TOKE: Cunningham’s Weird Knack, Doyle & DiCaprio are BFFs, + Something for Our Female Readers

:: Card Player on Cunningham.  As we detailed during the 2005 WSOP, Allen Cunningham is no Opie.  While you may not have heard of him until this year, the guy can hang with the biggest names, and has for awhile.  The latest issue of Card Player features Cunningham on its cover.  It’s a good read for more info on the 2005 WSOP POYCard Player

Doyledicaprio :: From Bundchen to Brunson.  Back when we were single, whenever we broke up with whatever super model we were dating at the time, we’d often immerse ourselves in some latent passion to get our mind off the break-up.  Turns out, Leonardo DiCaprio is just like us.  Now that Leo and Gisele Bundchen have split, the uber-trendy actor can spend more time with his favorite past-times: poker and environmental causes and stuff.  And to help Leo along, new pal Doyle Brunson has donated money to fund global warming documentary that DiCaprio will

:: Freerolls and pillow fights.  Need further proof of poker’s popularity?  There’s a magazine out there dedicated STRICTLY for women poker players.  Try and guess the name of it.  Guess.  Come on.  Frigin’ guess.  Wow, you got itGood guess.  Anyway, the mag (with a current distribution of 15k) is throwing a $1,000 freeroll on Titan Poker for its readers.  So to our female readers, we encourage you to sign up, show support for the mag, and then possibly get sucked out by a Crazy Bitch.  PR Web


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