The TOKE: Earn a WSOP Seat for $2, People Love to Gamble, + Somebody Won Another WSOPC Event

Tiff1_1 :: For the cost of a Big Mac, you can qualify for the WSOP.  Excellent piece in Card Player detailing online WSOP qualifying opportunities.  You can earn a chance to win the poker lottery against 8,000 other players for as little as $1.10 – $2.00.  If you’re even a bit discouraged on your chances of getting in the money against such a huge field though, don’t be.  Remember, Tiffany Williamson finished 15th last year.  Card Player

:: The people have spoken…and they want Internet gambling.  Some little newspaper called the Wallstreet Journal ran a poll asking its readers if Congress should ban some little thing called Internet gambling. 83% of the resondents said, "No, Congress should not ban Internet gambling. Re-load!" Or they just said, "No." People love to gamble.  It’s one of the few redeeming qualities of the human race.  Card Squad

:: If a WSOP Circuit Event falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it really happen? More a testament to the glut of major tournaments going on right now as opposed to the popularity of poker, (a now relatively paltry) 109 rounders pushed stacks around for the 2006 WSOP Circuit – Harrah’s San Diego event. It was won by Darrell Dicken. He banked $372,780. Kathy Liebert finished third. Andy Bloch…he finished eighth. Card Player.


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