The TOKE: Enough of Duff, TV Poker Still Splashes the Pot, World’s Largest Casino Gets Larger, Recapping the WSOP, and One Damn Funny Poll

Sisters :: Trick or Badbeat.  Haylie Duff, star of‚Ķbeing Hilary‚Äôs sister…is hosting her second annual Halloween poker charity tournament.  The least attractive of the less attractive celebrity sisters (a not necessarily unattractive group that includes the Simpsons, Spearses, and Olsens, all of whom have probably slept with Wilmer Valderrama) teamed up with, the ugly sister of other poker sites, to sponsor the event.  No word if the more popular Bodog babes will show up and get all Mean Girlson the event.   Poker News
:: Poker Rakes Ratings.  As covered by OddJack last week, poker is still a ratings boon for stations, checking in now as the third most watched sport on TV (behind only the NFL and NASCAR‚Ķwhich isn‚Äôt a ‚Äúsport‚Äù anyway, so poker is really second).  GSN begins filming its ‚ÄúHigh Stakes Poker,‚Äù pitting pros and biz execs in cash games, in November at the Nugget.  Yahoo!
:: Poker Not Fad-ing Away.  The poker boom also continues at the world‚Äôs largest casino‚ÄîFoxwoods.  The resort and casino will be expanding to include more room for poker.  In total, Foxwoods will grow from 76 to 114 tables.  CardPlayer
:: Kick Ass Recap.  We‚Äôre about halfway through ESPN’s WSOP ME coverage, and Atlanta‚Äôs biggest poker organization, Kick Ass Poker, posts their recap of key events so far.  If you need to catch up on the action, this covers it all.  Kick Ass Poker
:: ‚ÄúThat‚Äôs a Great Mask!‚Äù ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs not a mask.‚Äù  Although non-poker-related, some things are too funny to ignore.  For you FFL wonks (Chops), OddJack has one of the funniest polls you‚Äôll find on the Internet: ‚ÄúWhich Fantasy Football Writer Would Make The Scariest Halloween Mask?‚Äù  ESPN Insider‚Äôs Scott Engel and Eric Karabel currently lead.  OddJack


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