The TOKE: ESPN Edition

Stacyk14_2:: Heads up misses out.  While the field at the National Heads-Up Championship is definitely stellar (as is the Elite 8 and Final 4), some very deserving talents were left out of the competition when brackets were drawn on Selection Saturday, like Steve Dannenmann, Michael Gracz, and Stacy Keibler’s rear-end. ESPN Poker Club

:: The Poker Guy?  In what will surely help further drain many a Corporate American’s productivity, Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons will be playing in and chronicling his WSOP experience this year.  ESPN Poker Club

:: Do Arena League teams throw temper tantrums when they lose games or something?  Phil Hellmuth is doing some promo spots for the Arena Football League with Mike Ditka.  Don’t really have anything to add to that…  ESPN Poker Club


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