The TOKE: Fast-Track This Kid to Washington, Hollywood Gone MADD, Poker Is the New Golf, Poker Promos Hit (Another) New Low, + Someone Who Doesn’t Need It Will Win an Electronics Make-Over

Ash_1 :: Yes another crocked politician…  Oh great, here’s the poster child Senator Kyl has been looking for.  Lehigh University class president Greg Hogan, 19, was arrested at his fraternity house after robbing a bank of $2,871 to pay off his online poker debt.   Sadly, the sum was only about half of the $5k he owed. At least Snake now knows who has been beefing up his bankroll at the Omaha hi/lo tables…  Mtv News

Mistywoods_1 :: Vince Van Patten has wonderful hair., the brainchild of James Woods and Vince Van Patten (among others), is hosting 10 charity events for MADD. Whatever.  What you really want to know is if they have HollywoodPoker Babes like Bodog.  Well here’s your answer.  Yes, they do have babes (as seen at right and left). Babes are the new poker web site trend.  But no, said babes don’t measure up to Bodog.  Seriously, that one girl on the left looks like she’s gotta piss.  Quit snapping pictures and let her use the john!!!  Yahoo! News

:: Poker is a hole in one!!!  Kidding about that mini-headline there.  The Las Vegas Sun has an interesting interview with WPT Chairman of the Board Lyle Berman.  In it, Bermy (as we imagine his friends like to call him) compares the poker boom to the golf explosion back in the day.  Snake actually made the exact same parallel almost two years ago, but unfortunately we didn’t have a poker news and views site back then to take the credit.  Las Vegas Sun

:: Seriously,, you’re better than this.  Ugh.  While Last Call Poker still holds the crown Jm3_1for lamest viral marketing campaign, appears to be the Oz pulling strings of a ridiculous bet made on  Yes, someone has wagered his finger on a poker match.  No, we’re not making this up.  Ad Rants

:: Why do these promos suck so bad?  There’s so much promotional stuff going on in this one that its hard to even keep track.  The gist is this: Jenny McCarthy is resurrecting her career by hosting some poker tutorial by Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker (yeah that’ll help ya) which is followed by some tournament that will tie in some new product at some new poker room.  But more importantly, let’s bring back Singled Out?  And what the hell happened to Chris Hardwick?  That guy ruled!  Yahoo! News


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