The TOKE: Feud Won’t Affect Financials, Win Mike Tyson’s House, + No More 55 Pound Waifs at WSOP

:: First they beat up on Empire Poker, now they’re beating estimates.  Its Pearl Harbor job on Empire Poker aside, things are looking rosy for PartyGaming.  The site has told analysts it expects to exceed earnings estimates "after customers played more poker and started trying new games such as blackjack."  Bloomberg

:: Can you become crazy by osmosis?  If you can, then avoid this new reality show.  Unless of course you’re already crazy, or if you’re ready to whore yourself for 15 minutes of semi-fame. There’s a new reality show in the works (it’s about time!) by English businessman Djam1_1Dominic Marrocco. And you’ll get to compete for Mike Tyson’s former $4 million Las Vegas estate by playing poker!!! Woo-hoo!!! That’s awesome!!!  Who cares!!! Poker News

:: Poker + relationships = splitsville.  First, Leo and Giselle.  Then, talk of Ashton and Demi. Now, our favorite 55 pound waif, Nicole Richie, and our favorite poker-playing DJ we never heard of until he started dating Nicole Richie, DJ AM, have called off their engagement.  We can only pray that the Unabomber and JTill’s love runs deeper than a few bad beats.  CNN


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  1. snake

    December 8, 2005 7:25 pm, Reply

    for some reason, this is the favorite pic i took at the WSOP main event. well this one and the naked one of her from behind. remind me to share that sometime.

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