The TOKE: Golfer Wins Big…At Poker, Hold’em In the Cards in Oregon? (sorry), + A New Platform for PartyPoker

Bobbyneary_1 :: Golfer wins big at poker, loses scholarship.  If Tiger Woods is the Phil Ivey of golf, does that make Bobby Neary the Joe Hachem of poker?  The 21 year-old Neary (at right), a junior at Sonoma State University, and about 20 years too old to be going by Bobby, unless of course he was a NASCAR driver, banked $520k by finishing second in last month’s Aussie Millions poker tournament. Unfortunately, the NCAA has declared Neary athletically ineligible, and not for his participation in the tournament, but for violating endorsement rules. See, Neary won entry into the tournament in an online satellite, and wore the company’s logo at the Aussie Millions.  The NCAA, not known for EVER profiting off its athletes, did what the Aussie Millions fields (well, except for the winner) couldn’t do…it sent Bobby to the rail.  KGET TV

:: Leave it to Beaver.   Legislators in Monroe, Oregon are crafting an ordinance to permit poker, if only on a small scale.  The legislative measure would be similar to what Senator John Sabini wants in New York.  Bars and small stakes home gamers everywhere (in Monroe) are getting ready to rejoice…and smoke weed. Gazette-Times

:: Party adopts new platform.  PartyPoker has launched a new platform with so many features, we don’t even feel like describing them all!!!  Read all about it here, or by clicking that link right there–> CardPlayer


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