The TOKE Host Dave Farra Takes on Robin Leach

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The TOKE host (save for an occasional Entity sub-in) Dave Farra has had an on-going feud with Robin Leach.

Along with The TOKE, Farra also hosts MMA Fix videos and has a morning show on X107.5 in Las Vegas. Through that morning show, Farra and his co-host, Dave Mahoney, have taken some shots at Leach over the years. Most recently, last week, they called him something like a “stench of rotting flesh” on twitter, which prompted Leach, who is generally considered an asshole by many in Vegas, to write a scathingly condescending letter to the two guys. So Farra invited him to come in-studio and face the music. Credit to Leach for having the stones to come in, especially with cameras rolling.


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