The TOKE: House Raids, House Flees, NBC Heads-Up in More Households

:: High Stakes Home Raid. Last night, right in our backyard (if our backyard had a radius of about 25 miles), right around where 1/3 of the Entities grew up (Roswell, GA), 27 people were arrested in a high stakes poker game. Police had been investigating the game for six months, where players reportedly ponied up $10k every week to play hold’em and mixed games. The investigation began after neighbors started complaining about the 20+ cars that parked on the street of this otherwise quiet neighborhood every week. Fucking nosy neighbors. This is why we live on a commune. Just us Entities and our wives. Yeah it gets lonely sometimes, but we get to wife swap a lot, so it spices things up. AJC

:: Hachem Moves Houses. "Salty" Joe Hachem, who is earning that nickname from us more and more because he’s quick tempered and feisty and less because of the taste of his semen, seriously, we swear, has moved homes. The 2005 WSOP ME champ claims he was receiving threatening phone calls and letters at his previous address. NineMSN

Matusow:: More Households Tune Into Heads-Up. The ratings for NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship are up from last year. This is impressive for two reasons: 1) the Masters was on, and 2) Mike Matusow’s awkward interview at the beginning of the show should’ve scared off viewers. Did anyone else notice this? Now we like Mike the Mouth, but retarded kids with Bell’s Palsy look more comfortable in front of the camera than Matusow did in his pre-match interview with Daniel Negreanu. If anyone can put this clip up on YouTube (graphic of it swiped from NBC’s Heads-Up website, at right), much appreciated. All In


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  1. snake

    April 11, 2007 5:03 pm, Reply

    Yep. This one they nabbed a judge and apparently they had tried to bribe the sheriff. Even dumber they ran the game in a strip center I believe with a sign outside that said “Poker Palace.”

  2. Ondy

    April 12, 2007 1:42 pm, Reply

    One of the guys who got busted in that raid is Glenn Gilbertti, aka professional wrestler “Disco Inferno”.

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