THE TOKE: iPoker, Rounders Radio, Poker Pop Quiz + Celebrity Poker Whiz


: : Thanks to, Mac users wanting in on online poker no longer need to locate an unused PC or ponder the purchase of Virtual PC software for Mac. Just surf on over to, which is actually, sign up and start playing. No download required. []

: : A Canadian sports radio station recently launched a poker program called Rounders – The Poker Show. It’s on Team 1040 and airs Sunday evenings and is streamed live online. Each show is archived so you can catch up on past shows. So, grab yourself a Molson, head into your favorite online poker room and listen to the show while check raising Nicebluffin02 in a $20 SNG. In between hands, be sure to check out the Team 1040 babes too. [Team 1040] []

: : Taking tests suck, but a little pop quiz never hurt anyone. Tom McEvoy deals us a poker pop quiz over at on when to hold or fold your pocket aces, kings, queens, or jacks. Good Luck. []

: : USA Today previews the new season of Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown. The article notes that Phil Gordon considers American Beauty Mena Suvari a whiz and that Theo Huxtable (aka Malcom-Jamal Warner) won his 6-handed game in an impressive 17 hands.[USA Today]


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