The TOKE: Mad Genius Chats, Poker’s History Exposed, PokerShares’ Hopes Suit is the Nuts

Carotalking_1:: Caro tells all in ESPN chat.  Mike Caro, the "Mad Genius of Poker," hosted a telling chat yesterday on ESPN yesterday.  As we saw at the WSOP, Caro is never one to shy from conversation, and his elaborative style showed.  In fact, Chops’ question probably turned the most terse answer:  Chops (Wicked Chops Poker): If you’re the "mad genius" of poker, then who would be the "evil genius"?     Mike Caro: Well chops, I feel that I am also the "evil genius" of poker, but its only when I psyche myself into some other worldly character. By nature, I’m actually just as nice as I appear to be. I guess there really are no evil people that I’ve met in poker. Contrary to the way our game has been depicted at times in movies, I haven’t personally encountered a lot of evil players and especially evil geniuses. Sorry to disappoint.  ESPN Poker Club

:: Birth of a religion.  Where did poker come from?  Some say England.  Others say Persia (which would make sense, given the current craze that is Persian Poker).  While it’s hard to pinpoint poker’s exact origin, one thing EVERYONE can agree on is that the game truly first exploded during the riverboat era of the 1800’s when Bret Maverick Jr. hit the scene. Casino City Times

:: PokerShare gets all Empire on UB.  Publicity whore has filed a lawsuit against UltimateBet . According to the lawsuit, as PokerShare’s profit sharing program with UB began to take off, more action was heading over to PokerShare as opposed to a more preferred UB partner. So UB pulled the plug. In other news, PokerShare and Empire Poker have just slept together in a failed effort to spite their former parterns. Poker News


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