The TOKE: May ESPN Edition

Centerphoto_mainevent2:: Win a WSOP seat for nothing, get your chips for free.  Wicked Chops Poker isn’t sure if we really like or despise that lead-in sentence.  Regardless, or as uneducated yahoos might say, "irreregardless," we do know that ESPN’s Poker Club is running its WSOP promo now.  You can win a seat to the big dance for the cost of breathing air.  For uneducated yahoos, that means it’s free.  Download the app and good luck.  ESPN Poker Club

:: And while we’re talking about the WSOP…  The Club’s columnists talk about the WSOP.  Phil Gordon, Scott Fischman, Steve Rosenbloom, and Bernard Lee posted a variety of WSOP-themed articles, with Gordon giving some sage advice on his game plan for maneuvering through THIS year’s massive fields, and Lee thankfully focusing on how he impressively maneuvered through LAST year’s massive field with little mention of that whole crying episode.  ESPN Poker Club

:: It’s not the size of your stack it’s how you swing it.  FOWCP Andrew Feldman continues his weekly tipping, focusing this week on how to effectively push your short-stack.  And yes, we’re talking about poker.  ESPN Poker Club


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