The TOKE: New WPT COO, Cancer Patient Receives a Bad Beat, + Giving a “Big Pair” New Meaning

:: WPT hires another acronymn.   In what appears to be a strong move to position poker as a true "sport," Peter Hughes has been hired as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the WPT.  Hughes has previously worked with the National Football League and the SFX Sports Group.  Poker News

:: Talk about kicking someone when he’s down…  Agents from Ohio’s state Pokerathlete_1liquor control board, get this, went "undercover" by posing as players for a charity hold’em event where proceeds would benefit a cancer patient. So if a bunch of schlubs dressed up like Joe Stillman (at left) stop by your next charity event, get really worried.  Anyway, the agents claimed that the event’s organizers did not get the required permits to hold such an event…although a simple phone call would’ve done the trick, as the organizers apparently tried to comply.  Since we ALWAYS try to get something positive out of a story*, now would be a good time to pimp, if we believed in pimping, Phil Gordon’s Bad Beat On Cancer organization, which is worth your visit and donations.  WCPO

Krupa :: I raise you two exquisite breasts.  Sin’s Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas is trying to, err, raise interest in the club by holding poker games where ladies will get undressed.  While on the surface the idea sounds great, we here at Wicked Chops Poker believe the combination of hot woman with something totally unrelated like poker will just never, ever work.  Just ask Joanna Krupa…she’d probably tell you the same thing man.  In fact, you can practically see that she’s thinking that very thought right now in that sweet, innocent little photo of her at right.  Poker 777

*Not even remotely true.


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