THE TOKE: Oceans 13, SNG for 1 Million Dollars, Rebuy Please, Books + Poker, and Tomer Ain’t Italian

: : BenvinestiA fat dish on Tomer.  Alternate title: OddJack and the Fatman.  OddJack and Tomer Benvinesti have been chewing the electronic fat and spewing pure comedy.  Recently, OddJack had some thoughts on Tomer, to which Tomer had some thoughts on in return.  A must read.  Classic.  OddJack.Cindy001_2

: : Hopefully Better than Ocean’s 12.  George Clooney tells the Associated Press that he’s ready to risk his shirt on investing in a new Las Vegas Resort Casino to be called Las Ramblas. It will be located East of the Las Vegas Strip. He’s partnering up with Related Las Vegas and Centra Properties, along with influential nightclub owner and husband to supermodel Cindy Crawford (remember when she was like, the hottest?), Rande Gerber. Clooney says he wants Las Ramblas to be "more old vegas and old hollywood" and that "it will be smart and sophisticated – more sport coats than tank tops and more Tony Bennett than Britney Spears."  Um, yeah.  So like Solaris, Welcome to Collinwood, and Intolerable Cruelty, Clooney just keeps on giving the people what they want.    CBS NEWS.

: : $1 mil still up for grabs.–which is now owned and operated by but operates separately under the name…you guessed it……is still giving away 1 million dollars to anyone who can win 7 consecutive sit no go tournaments.  Noble Poker

: : Rebuy! The original owners of are back in the game with a new site and have announced they will launch on September 1.    ARRIVE NET

: : Extra! Extra!  Poker is a hot industry! USA Today reports that bookstores and publishers see the trend of poker growing and growing and want to cash in. Wow, they’re really ahead of the curve on this one.  Next thing you know, we’re gonna find out that movie studios are hot on making sequels and re-hashing 70’s sitcoms, television producers are catching on to the ratings coup that is "reality TV," and oily guys who wear velour suits and have deep pockets are finding that porn sites can making a killing on the Internet. USA TODAY


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