The TOKE: PartyGaming Up, A.J. Soprano Down, and Some Hacking Around

Ilerrobert:: News Flash–Online Poker Sites Make Money.  PartyGaming (PRTY) had a great third quarter, further validating that online poker sites apparently are money making machines after all.  Bloomberg

:: That Annoying Kid You Hate on the Sopranos Busted Again.  Robert Iler, aka A.J. Soprano, managed to suck the life out of yet another scene.  Except this time, it wasn‚Äôt on the set of HBO‚Äôs killer mob drama.  Cops busted the Ace Point Backgammon and Chess Studio just as Iler and his friends showed up.  Iler, who can spoil a mood worse than Sofia Coppola in GF3, somehow managed to get off scot-free.  Poker News

:: Only You Can Prevent a Poker Hacker.  A recent InfoWorld article picked up by Pokerati and expanded on by OddJack details a possible rise in the sophistication of poker hacking.  The article discusses how one kid had a Trojan on his computer which, "alerted other online players when [he was] was online. It then recorded his cards during the different hands of poker and sent that information to the monitoring users.  [The kid] said that early on he was winning all the time, but lately he consistently lost his biggest hands ‚Äî not that it stopped him from playing, unfortunately.‚Äù  Is this just another excuse from some donkey that can’t accept he’s a bad player?  Obviously the kid is a moron if he’s consistently losing AND STILL PLAYS.  But OddJack does break-down good some points on the credibility of the threat.    OddJack & InfoWorld


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