The TOKE: Poker Players Think Bush is Stooopid, Poker and Politics, and He Did It His Way

Dumbbush:: Bluffin’ Bush. conducted the following survey: "Which world leader would you play poker against?" President George Bush topped the poll.  Says Mickey Richardson, CEO of Bet, "Bush . . . looks like someone that’s easy to bluff."  Wicked Chops Poker disagrees with this statement, however.  Bush is the kind of stubborn-headed-something-something that would call you down to the river thinking his mid-pair is good when the board is all overs and you’ve been betting heavily into him…and he’d probably be right.  NY Post

:: Lessons in politics and poker.  Mitchell Szczepanczyk, whose name was never murdered by teachers on the first day of school, waxes philosophic on politics and poker. Szczepanczyk, who needs to buy a vowel, murders the poker metaphor record in two sentences by ending his article with the following gem: "When it comes to struggles against systems of power, they may hold all the chips, but we hold all the cards. And the more we can work to improve our chip count, the sooner we can win — and on our terms."  Terrible.  ZNET

Luske2toke :: Luske does it his way.  Marcel Luske has an instructional poker DVD coming out called, "Poker My Way."  The bar has been set high for him.  According to the press release, Luske, "…provides strategy and some key touch-points for the player who wants to transition their play from online tournaments or home games to live tournament play."  Actually sounds like it’s worth a few guilders.  Yahoo!


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  1. Mitchell Szczepanczyk

    December 3, 2005 2:37 pm, Reply

    I also called poker “prosaic”. :-)
    If it took an essay about poker to get some Wicked Chops Poker readers who would never otherwise visit ZNet (a website about political activism) to think about such “elitist” topics like human rights, poverty, international politics, and global economics — then mission accomplished.
    Maybe I’ll write some more poker columns for ZNet. Or maybe something about Star Trek instead.

  2. snake

    December 21, 2005 3:58 pm, Reply

    “‘elitist’ topics like human rights, poverty, int’l politics and global economics”
    i don’t think anyone was calling those topics “elitist”…except you mitch.

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