The TOKE: Poker Pro Endorsement Deals, Tools of the Trade, + Get Your Moneymaker for Nothing and Chips for Free

Eveng :: Some site that sells things sponsors these people and stuff.  This site called Inc. (, that claims to be ‚Äúa publisher and distributor of sports and entertainment for wide scale mobile platforms‚Äù (whatever that means) has ‚Äúsecured exclusive wireless rights‚Äù (whatever that means) with Men the Master, David Williams, and Evelyn Ng (pictured right).   On one hand, it‚Äôs great seeing poker players endorsing non-poker products.  On the other, what the hell does this company actually doLooks shady.  And who named this company, Chris Shilts?  PR Newswire 

:: Tools to make you less of a tool.  Nice summary in Betting for Value on some various apps and software to improve your game.  Nothing funny, denigrating, or even witty to add on our end.  That‚Äôs all we got.  Just check it out.  Betting for Value

Chrismoneymaker_bio :: Moneymaker Has More Fun Not Making Money.  Chris Moneymaker is playing in some amorphously vague promotional game out in West Palm Beach.  He says, "When I play for thousands and thousands of dollars it’s not fun. That’s work. I’m there to make money. I’m here to have fun."  Don‚Äôt know about you, but playing for thousands of dollars is VERY fun for us.  Of course, given he‚Äôs made $44,229 since his 2nd place at the WPT Bay 101 event in 2004 (and no tournament cashes in 2005), maybe playing for fun is the way to go.  Palm Beach Post


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  1. Jovie Veal

    November 7, 2005 1:02 am, Reply

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