The TOKE: Politburo Poker, Poker is OK in the UK, but Not So Much in the US

Russia1 :: I Chechen Raise You.  As seen in the photo at right from the Moscow Times, poker apparently is huge in Russia with retarded people.  Or just in general.  But what would surely make Lenin (Vlad, not John) turn over in his air-tight tomb, the sport that has swept the US and UK is now hotter in Russia than Anna Kournikova (whose photo we’ll include below to erase the image at right out of your memory).  Moscow Times

Annakournikova:: And the Fad Keeps Growing‚Ķ On the heels of PartyGaming’s recent positive financial reports, 888 reported a 56% increase in its third quarter revenue.  Also, the World Poker Tour has just announced that it will be the first poker show to broadcast in primetime in the UK (on the ITV4 network).  Yes, poker this poker fad is quickly fading away.  Reuters UK  | PR Newswire

:: ‚ĶAs the Debate Continues in the States.   While the news is all positive across the Atlantic, red states are seeing red over the issue of poker‚Äôs legality.  The Bismark Tribune editorializes today about its state‚Äôs (that would be North Dakota) online poker legislative initiative.  And in Illinois, house Democrats took a step back into the 19th century by voting to ban casino gambling.  That sound you hear is Wicked Chops Poker revving the Phil Gordon for President campaign engine.  Of course, we’d like to see John Sabini to join him on the ticket.  Bismark Tribune | Launch Poker


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