The TOKE: SC Men Want Poker, Utah Man Loves Poker, + Johnny Chan Wants His Money Back

:: Poker in the Palmetto State.  As we’ve noted, the Carolinas hate poker more than any other state(s).  They hate poker almost as much as we hate the ubiquity of Palmetto decals and licence plates in our home state of GA.  Regardless, a group of South Cakalakians recently arrested for loving poker (and playing it for money) would like to to flip the script on the state of SC, stating they want to challenge the state’s 200-year poker ban in a court of law.  A court of law! Something tells us this isn’t going to end well for said group of players, kind of like that drunken 2am trip to Taco Bell when you order two burritos and Jeff_fullmersome tacos and a chalupa…it just ends up being a waste of time and money and come morning you really wish you hadn’t done it. WSOCTV

:: Waaaait a minute, someone in Utah is normal? World, meet Jeff Fullmer.  He’s a University of Utah student who doesn’t find poker to be addictive or immoral.  While most men in Utah are busy marrying multiple wives (actually, wait, this is bad?), or claiming to be some new creepy prophet, or even worse, are Mormon, Jeff plays poker. He also wears purple blazers with black t-shirts, but we’ll let that slide.  The Daily Utah Chronicle

:: Chan bluffed out of $150k, and this time it wasn’t at the poker table.  We feel this deserves its own separate post, and perhaps later in the day it will receive such treatment, as we need a new member in the Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame.  So here’s the bare bone details.  Johnny Chan, who from what we hear is a good poker player or something, was conned out of $150k by John Robert Wright, a soon-to-be-elected member of the Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame.  The Californian


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  1. SteelieZ71

    June 1, 2006 1:01 pm, Reply

    From the article on Poker in the Palmetto State:
    “Authorities say the house operated a high-stakes poker parlor that advertised games over the Internet. Police say players paid $20 to buy in to play with a percentage of proceeds going to the house.”
    Phew – a $20.00 buy in!! The authorities were right. Those are some SERIOUSLY high stakes! I bet the blinds were as high as .25/.50!! What do you think the advertising over the internet consisted of? Emails about what time the game started and who was bringing the beer and nacho chips?

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