The TOKE: Staked, Stocked, and Show Low’d

In a different take on the TOKE, Wicked Chops readers help follow up on assorted stories.

:: Second to One.  Thanks to Andrew Feldman at ESPN’s Poker Club for this bit: 24 year-old USPC winner James "Capo" Caporuscio was partly staked in the tournament by none other than second place finisher, 36 year-old Ralph Pecorale.  The two play in a home game where the eventual winner (12 events in all) won the buy-in to the USPC ME. Makes us want to re-evaluate how we run our game. Damn. ESPN Poker Club

:: Value Betting WPT. It’s been awhile since we abused some over-used poker clich√©s. So good thing that Complex Slim, new WPT employee and founder of the 4th Street Poker Tour, gave us an excuse with this story.  After going on a recent "bad run," investors may see a "raise" in WPT Enterprises stock. Back in April we suggested that investing in WPT would be like having a "nut flush."  Now, maybe it’s more like catching a set on the river when that same card also could’ve completed an open-ended straight.  Still good, but you’d think twice before going all in with it.  CNN Money

:: Poker City, USA.  In light of attempting to re-name Sharer, KY to, yes,, we listed a slew of other American cities with pokerish-sounding-names.  Co-founder of Weathered Living and Rush fantatic, Aye-Aye, pointed out one we missed: Show Low, AZ.  Why is being a Rush fanatic (band, not Limbaugh, or the seen-at-right Paula Abdul slow jam) relevant to this story?  Because, as Aye-Aye told us, "I’m reading a book right now about travelling by the drummer for Rush (shut the fuck up) and in last night’s literary journey he talked about passing through there…"  But more importantly, was Paula Abdul ever hot?  The City of Show Low


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  1. snake

    October 10, 2005 9:54 pm, Reply

    paula is hot in a transexual kind of way. i mean only if you were into that kind of thing. i’m not. no way. really i’m not. by the way, chops forgot to mention that the guy who named Show Low has the exact name as my dad, who ironically was a west philly champ in show low uno.
    that is by the way one heinous photo of paula. she looks dead. except with her eyes open. and i hate dead people with their eyes open.

  2. Bones

    October 11, 2005 8:35 am, Reply

    I think Abdul was quite the looker in the “Opposite’s Attract” days, but MC Skat Cat always struck me as kind of an asshole.

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