The TOKE: Stepping Up To Keep Poker Legal, WWGD, + Poker & Taxes

:: Raymer, Lederer, Ferguson tryin’ to keep it legal.  As we’ve detailed many, many times, poker should be kept legal and regulated by the Fed.  Three poker heavyweights (mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph…see above) and the prez from the well-intentioned but ill-conceived-messaged PPA, Michael Bolcerek, are meeting with lawmakers this week to build support for online gambling. Watch as Bolcerek turns a just cause for all of us into yet another insert foot-in-mouth quote: "This is a truly American tradition. Truman played. Departed Chief Justice William Rehnquist had games in chambers," says Bolcerek, continuing that we should regulate it, tax it, "but don’t treat poker players like al Qaeda."  Ugh.  Somebody shut this guy up.  Don’t get us wrong, we hate al-Qaeda more than anyone, but you’re not gonna build support for this by comparing poker player’s plights Marijuanaleafto that of terrorists.  Moron.  U.S. News & World Report

:: What would Gank do?  American Jr. pro poker player John Turmel, who is also a "medicinal" marijuana advocate (aren’t we all?), was hit with a minor fine, three years probation, and 100 hours of community service last week for mary jane trafficking.  To answer the first sentence of this paragraph (see above), Gank wouldn’t have been caught trafficking it, he would’ve just smoked that shit.  Poker 777

:: Yes, it is considering taxable income.  In case you’re wondering how to handle all of them poker/gambling winnings when you "report it" on to the Fed on your taxes, Poker Player Newspaper has some answers for you. Poker Player Newspaper


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