The TOKE: Texas Hates Charity Poker, Electra Battles Brain Tumors, + Take the Chips, Leave the Cannoli

:: Texas hold’em for charity not welcome in Texas.  The plug has been pulled on yet another charity texas hold’em tournament in the Lone Star State.  The event, promoted by and featuring six-time bracelet winner T.J. Cloutier, was to benefit the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation.  However, the charity tourney was sent to the rail due to a Texas law prohibiting the hosting of a poker tournament at venues that hold an on-premises alcoholic beverage permit.  Since when did a little thing called "the law" get in the way of Texas getting things done?  Did "the law" stop the execs at Enron from stealing millions to pad their wallets and bankrupt the company?  Did "the law" stop W from Carmen_elektra_2"allegedly" stealing not one, but two elections?  Did "the law" stop…wait, these probably aren’t the best examples here.  [publish]  Poker Mag

:: So if you want to hold a charity event, just do the damn thing in Vegas.  Pussycat Doll Carmen Electra hosted a charity poker tournament for the Head to Hollywood foundation.  Despite what you may be thinking, the organization does not describe how Electra got her start in showbiz.  Instead, the group helps survivors of cancerous and non-cancerous brain tumors.  Which Electra might’ve had…when she married Dennis RodmanCard Player

:: Today’s oxymoron: Canadian mafia.  The Calgary Sun reports that three relatives of slain mobster Enio Mora were shot over a disputed poker bet.  The shootings raise a very disturbing question: since when has America Jr. had a mafia? And didn’t Michael Moore show us that Canada is the most peaceful wonderful country in the world where people happily leave their doors unlocked and frolic in fields of daisies hand-in-hand with their neighbors?  Did Michael Moore exaggerate something?  There’s no way.  None.  Not Michael Moore.  No way. Not buying it. Nah ah. The Calgary Sun


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