The TOKE: The Kid Signs, Kid Poker Sign Up for Another Protege + Kids, Stay Away from Brian Jolley

Wicked Chops Poker just remembered we have a semi-regular news dump called the TOKE. Good thing too, because we have some brief Nick Lachey-sized bits of poker news to dump on you, and creating yet another new feature on this site would require entirely more effort than we are willing to give right now.

:: Poker Royalty adds to its court. Jeff Madsen, known on this site as “Mad Dog” and to the rest of the industry as “the Kid,” needs a new nickname, cause both of his current ones are lazy and completely uncreative (no fault of his own, of course). Maybe he should just change his name to “Youngest Ever” since he’ll probably be called the youngest player to win two WSOP bracelets for the rest of recorded history (much to the chagrin of his arch-nemisis, E-Fro) and since he could very well be the youngest person that will ever sign with Poker Royalty. PR News Wire

:: Daniel Negreanu is a good teacher. In case you missed it, the first protege Daniel Negreanu took under his wing, Brian Fidler, is doing pretty well. So if you like poker and want to do pretty well at it, sign up for season two of Daniel Negreanu’s Protege. Yahoo! News

:: Brian Jolley (allegedly) touches underage girls in inappropriate ways. In what will surely be a new entry into of our Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame, 24 year-old Brian Jolley (allegedly) taught two underaged girls how to play strip poker and then touched them in a way that lands 24 year-olds who touch underaged girls inappropriately in jail. Cambridge News


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