The TOKE: The Richest Prize Ever, Party Poker Stealing Beer Money, + Is Backgammon the New Poker?

:: Like Phil Ivey needs any more money…  Fox Sports Net and have created a show where six players will vie for a $60 million pot in a winner-take-all tournament next summer. Fox and Mansion signed a three year deal, and will grow the pots to $75 million in 2007, and $100 million in 2008. That’s just sick. Phil Ivey is the only announced name to have signed on, not that the two Drunkcollege_2 companies will have a hard time finding other interested parties. ESPN Poker Club

:: Pure evil genius.  The two biggest trends in online poker at the end of the 2005 are: 1) horrible advertising, and 2) targeting college kids.  Party Poker is pulling a brilliant, Joe Francis-esque marketing ploy to take advantage of dumb college kids.  The site is now running special promo deals to attract fraternities to sign up.  Just what the site needs…more drunk college fish nailing gutshot river suck outs. Yes, those guys at right are the ones taking your money.  You know this to be true.  Open PR

:: Backgammon is Back, Baby!  Kid Dynamite has astutely observed the cunning skill of ex-backgammon experts who are tearing up the poker scene.  So maybe backgammon is making a comeback, with the launch of Free Backgammon Games (dot) com.  And maybe they could’ve come up with a better URL?  PR Web


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