The TOKE: Those F’in Carolinas Again, Harrington Spills More Secrets, + The Say on Mandaly Bay Day 1 Play

:: Son, you’re a big hypocrite.  For some reason, at least when it’s typed out, all Carolinians sound like Foghorn Leghorn.  "Boy, I said boy, don’t play none of that video poker.  It’s eeee-vil."  While technically the banning of video poker really isn’t a bad thing, still, the Carolinas are at it again, with North Carolina about to do what South Carolina did a few years ago: kill video poker and kill the competition for its state-sponsored lottery.  The Daily News

Harrington_on_holdem :: Action Dan shows more tricks up his sleeve.  To the delight of donks everywhere, Action Dan Harrington has cranked out another sure-to-be best-seller: Harrington on Hold ’em Vol. III — The Workbook: Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments.  This one is like a big quiz, which is appropriate, since pros everywhere are questioning why Action Dan keeps spilling all of the tricks to the trade.  It would be like David Blaine doing a special showing people how they could hold their breath for like a really long time.  Poker Mag

:: Big names lead Mandalay Bay’s first major tournament.  The WPT comes to the Mandalay Bay for the first time, and some big time names are leading the way after Day 1.  Leading them all is Nenad Medic with 141,700.  Some other chips leaders include: 3) Amnon Filippi – 112,150, 4) Josh Arieh – 100,225, 5) Amir Vahedi – 93,575, 6) Carlos Mortensen – 93,400, 7) Tim Phan – 93,000, 8) Hasan Habib – 92,675, 9) Mike Gracz – 87,400, 11) Gavin Smith – 84,400, 12) Patrik Antonius – 83,650, 13) David Oppenheim – 81,925, 15) Tuan Le – 78,300.   Poker Wire


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