The TOKE: TOC Scuttlebutt, Small Town Poker, More On Bots and Pots, + This Darn Video Poker Thang A’gen

Dn:: WSOP TOC a fair deal?  ESPN Poker Club‚Äôs Steve Rosenbloom reports on the rumpus, brouhaha, and general ballyhoo that involved the Brunson, Hellmuth, and Chan invites to the WSOP TOC.  Seems Pepsi had something to do with them getting in.  We understand a player such as Daniel Negreanu‚Äôs gripe about this, but Wicked Chops Poker thinks that if a Fortune 100 company (62, to be precise) is ready to dump millions of ad dollars behind the sport, as George Constanza would say, ‚Äúyou can stuff your sorry‚Äôs in a sack, mister‚Äù and let it slide.  ESPN Poker Club

:: Earn your 15 minutes of sort-of-D-level fame.  The Small Town Poker Tour is looking for amateur players with interesting stories (like you!) to film.  Read all about it and don‚Äôt forget about us when you‚Äôre almost famous.  PR Web

Pokerbot :: Thank you not at all, Mr. Roboto.  MSNBC has now done a piece on bots.  While the bot info isn‚Äôt much more than you‚Äôve already read in Wired, they have some pretty graphs with online poker statistics that we‚Äôll be referencing in the future.  So might as well get familiar with them now.  MSNBC

::  ‚ÄòNotha state that Clifford Jennings ain‚Äôt welcome no more, son.  The Governor of N.C. thinks the state‚Äôs lottery will run the video poker business out of town.  While we still don‚Äôt understand why the Carolinas hate our favorite sport so much, at least they‚Äôre doing away with the terrible disease that is video poker.  News Record


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