The TOKE: Ungar Gets a Foundation, Hu Gets a Wicked Chops Prediction, + That Whole “Is Poker a Sport?” Argument Gets More Ink

:: People get addicted to gambling?  Like global warming and heterosexual AIDS, the myth of gambling addiction remains prevalent in American society.  For people allegedly addicted to gambling, the daughter and the former wife of Stu Ungar have established the appropriately named, "Stu Ungar Foundation."  Ungar, widely-recognized as the world’s most talented Gin and hold’em player when he was alive, allegedly had a gambling problem.  Now we don’t want to get all Tom Cruise on you, but we say Kelly_hu1_1Ungar "allegedly" had a gambling problem because any issues Ungar may have had with gambling were not rooted in some deep-seeded psychological addiction–it was because he did not perform the necessary auditing to rid himself of the body thetans adversely affecting him. In related new, Wicked Chops Poker has just been sued by the Church of Scientology and will be shutting down our site for good in 10 seconds.  Poker News

:: Ayre’s Wild Card to Air Again this Saturday.  Wicked Chops Poker was the first to bring you Bodog’s latest statement on the (seemingly baseless) lawsuit filed against Calvin Ayre’s Wild Card Poker.  Now, Wicked Chops Poker will be the first to offer our prediction (something we’re crazy-good at) on who will NOT win tomorrow night’s episode of Calvin Ayre’s Wild Card Poker…and our prediction is…CSI: NY’s Kelly Hu!!!  Watch tomorrow evening, from 11:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. EST on FSN, as Kelly (at right) does not win against the likes of Josh Arieh, Josh Malina, and others.  Bodog Beat

:: If NASCAR is a sport… Like global warming, heterosexual AIDS, and gambling addiction, the myth of poker being a sport remains prevalent in American society.  USA Today tackles this important subject in today’s issue of USA Today, today.  USA Today


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