The TOKE: Who is the POY?, Sweden Gets It Right, + More PartyGaming vs. Empire Hullabaloo

:: A masterful comeback.  Men "the Master" Nguyen is making a late charge for Card Player’s POY award.  John Pham once seemed a lock, but the Master has been cashing checks like Frank Abignale of late.  While Card Player’s award gala might trump all poker events this year since Bodog signed on to host, our question is this: how does Pham lead their current POY when he doesn’t even show up in the top 75 in SwedemodelESPN/Bluff’s standings?  Interesting.  VERY…interesting. Card Player

:: Swede government antes up.  The US government is missing out on over $1 billion in taxable revenue by not allowing and regulating online gambling.  Once a land soley of tennis players, neutrality, death metal and gorgeous swimsuit models (like at right), Sweden now can claim to be a country of innovation, as it has decided to open its own state-run online casinoPoker News

:: PartyGaming may have to fork over, like, an hour’s worth of profits.  We love covering the PartyGaming vs. Empire Poker fued. Latest news is that experts at Morgan Stanley estimate Party Gaming would lose about a $300 million pot to Empire if its threatened litigation were successful. Online Casino News


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  1. snake

    December 6, 2005 6:49 am, Reply

    Dick’s his little brother…he was a teller at Wachovia.
    But yes, you’re correct and Chops has been fired.

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