The TOKE: Who Is the Ric Flair of Poker?, The Carolinas Are At It Again, Riding Good Runs, + How Many Poles Does it Take to Play Bad Poker?

Lita:: Which poker player would deliver the elbow of death?  Was there anything better than ’80’s pro wrestling?  Sure there was.  Lots of things.  But those old personalities like Big John Stud, Koko B. Ware, and the Honkey Tonk Man bring back fond memories.  Maybe not as fond of memories as our friend Bones at Weathered Living had by going to 8th grade formal with future-vixen Lita of WWE fame (true story), but fond nonetheless.  Anyway, Donkey Puncher (via OddJack) discusses which poker player is most like some of your favorite old-time wrestling stars.  Our one suggestion: Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi should be Brutus "the Barber" BeefcakeDonkey Puncher | OddJack

:: Why do they hate poker so much?  The Carolinas, as we have detailed ad nauseam, HATE poker.  Hate it.  Poker to the Carolinas are what Christian infidels are to radical Islamic jihadists.  Anyway, North Carolina has busted yet another video poker ring, confiscating another 120 machines.  No word if Uncle Cliffy was anywhere in the proximity.  Have we used that joke before?  Not really?  Good. News 14 Carolina

:: Milking it. The San Antonio Express News, of all places, has an article about how you should ride your good runs in poker to maximize profits.  Seriously.  San Antonio Express News.  Poker experts.  For real.  San Antonio Express News

:: Donkey Alert: Polish Poker Site.  There’s a new online poker site for Russians and Polish playersFill in your favorite Polish punchline hereSt. Petersburg Times


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  1. Bones

    November 18, 2005 8:43 am, Reply

    Ha ha, yeah, I did, believe it or not. Pretty funny, right?
    But as for the second question, no, unfortunately it was I who had the porn face back then. I should have never trusted that guy with the mustache who told me I would be a star. But I was twelve and I was naive. Lesson learned, I guess. :-(

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