The TOKE: WPT Attracting More Attractive Viewers, Q’4 Rev for 888 is Great, + No Indian Poker for You

scandinavian chicks:: WPT to air programming to lots of beautiful people.  In what has been an active week for the WPT, the beloved poker behemoth has announced that it will now air its popular poker programming to some of the world‚Äôs most attractive populations, including Brazil, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, and Chops‚Äô personal fave, Iceland.  So if an influx of beautiful foreign women flood the tournament circuit, Wicked Chops Poker Elita1 and the rest of the poker world has this message for you, WPT: ‚ÄúGod bless you.  Bless you indeed.‚Äù  Poker News

::  It appears as if this online poker thing is still huge across the board and John Anderson will not be discussing his penis size.  888, owner of Pacific Poker and other entitities, announced that Q‚Äô4 2k5 revenue was up 22% from Q‚Äô3 2k5.  Even more impressive, Q‚Äô4 revenue was up 138% from the same period last year.  According to Chief Operating Office, John Anderson, 888 will be looking to buy a sports betting operation this year to go along with its online poker and casino holdings.  Also according to Chief Operating Officer John Anderson, he will not be discussing the size of his penis.  In responding to rival PartyGaming‚Äôs claims that they will soon dominate the online casino marketplace, Anderson said, "I don’t go around saying mine’s the biggest."  How his penis size relates to the online casino marketplace escapes Wicked Chops Poker, but if you were hoping to learn more about Chief Operating Officer John Anderson‚Äôs penis size, he will not be discussing how big his penis is.  You will have to go elsewhere to learn about the size of Chief Operating Officer John Anderson‚Äôs penis.  Penis.  Reuters

:: Please, just smoke a peace pipe so we can play live poker kind of near us.  In a follow-up to our post last week on live poker being allowed at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, well, it doesn‚Äôt look like that‚Äôs gonna happen.  Of course, would you expect anything less from the Carolinas?  Carolina officials probably sent a bag filled with small pox to Cherokee representatives as their way of breaking the bad news.  Sometimes you just gotta say, "Enough is enough."  Let the Cherokees have their way with this one.  Come on.  WWAY


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