The TOKE: WPT Sued, Diet Pepsi Shrewd, and Al Ardebili Interviewed

Decept:: Did WPT steal Jonathan Waessil’s pot?  So…this whole putting-poker-on-TV thing was actually all Jonathan Waessil’s idea?  Well, according to Jonathan Waessil, it was.  Waessil has sued the WPT claiming its CEO, Steve Lipscomb, stole the idea from him after a discussion the pair had about 10 years ago at the Hollywood Park Casino.  Never mind that poker had already been on TV (albeit very late night, with ESPN’s scary looking old WSOP telecasts), and that the pocket cam, the poker invention that made poker’s re-invention as a mainstream sport that was invented by Transformers inventor Henry Orenstein, had not been invented yet.  But on the very oft-chance these claims are true, would that make Lipscomb a Decepticon?  And with this all in mind, Chops is considering a lawsuit against all college kids who use the phrase "Golden Chair" at parties to save their seat when getting up to get another beer, as Chops steadfastly believes he coined the term at least a full year before anyone else started using it.  Online Poker News

Tvads_3c:: Diet Pepsi Digs Poker.  Diet Pepsi is the latest major brand to throw some advertising dollars towards some pro’s coffers.  In a new ad, a skilled can of the diet beverage goes heads-up against Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, and Scotty Nguyen.  No word yet if Hellmuth calls the little can a moron or idiot yet, but we’re sure it hit some lucky cards on him.  All In Magazine

:: Dr. Pauly interviews Al Ardebili.  WPT Borgata Open winner Al Ardebili was interviewed by Dr. Pauly.  He discusses a major hand where he called a Steve Dannenmann bluff, as well as some common mistakes he sees beginners making.  Tao of Poker


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  1. duh, I guess

    March 16, 2006 8:29 pm, Reply

    I’d like to offer a suggestion…is the poker “fad” over?
    Not the fact that hundreds of thousands of people (and the demo itself is a huge topic of discussion) play poker online or in person, and that number is growing…..just that the 21st century ‘culture’ of poker…does anyone give a shit about “pro earnings” or “pro tournaments”? It’s not like the pro tennis or pro golf tour by any stretch…..
    What people care about are the 20-some-odd episodes of the WSOP…other than that, I really question what ‘relavance’ poker has at this point. I truly believe the fascination with ESPN, etc. and the over-the-top coverage with other cable networks is over.
    Anyone have a different viewpoint?

  2. Kid Dynamite

    March 18, 2006 5:07 am, Reply

    Golden Chair Chops? do I really want to know? all i can think of is how it relates to a Golden Shower…
    I hope now that you’re a married man your wife will still let you out to have adventures on the felt…

  3. snake

    March 18, 2006 8:09 am, Reply

    we pre-screened her. she passed our test, barely, but she passed. and plus she knows what will happen if she ever put a halt to his adventures on the felt.

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