The “Weiss” is Right! (terrible, sorry)
Stan Weiss Wins WPT Mirage Poker Showdown

Ok, so we got one wrong.  We are not perfect.  Nobody, even the world’s best prognosticators, are right EVERY time.  But should the blame really be on us?

Stan_weiss_wpt_mirage_1 Yesterday, we predicted that the Circle of Outlaw’s Robert Mizrachi would take the WPT Mirage Poker Showdown crown.  He ended up being the first one knocked out.  Clearly, Mizrachi folded under the pressure of such lofty expectations.  Clearly.  Had we kept our mouths shut, it would be Mizrachi, not the Nashvillian Weiss (at right), who would end up winning $1,294,755 and a $25,000 seat the WPT Championship.

But Mizrachi f’d it up. 

However, Wicked Chops Poker did accurately call that Elliott Yamin would be sent home on American Idol.  We had also predicted WEEKS ago that Chris Daughtry would go home during Week 4 (for real). 

Katharine_mcphee9000See, it’s a well-kept secret (until now) that during the Wicked Chops Wednesday night home game, from approximately 9-9:30 (PM, EST), the pace of our game grinds to a virtual halt as we watch the American Idol results show, argue who is going to get the boot, and discuss all of the things we’d do to Katharine McPhee (let’s just say our homegamers have caught the McPheever, baby).

So whatever, we did get ONE right yesterday.  And overall, we’re about 80% accurate in our predictions.  If this were baseball, getting a hit 80% of the time would make us freaking legends

For those of you that actually care more about the results than our predicting abilities and thoughts on American Idol, well, you’ve come to the wrong place.  But we’ll give you the results anyway: 1) Stanley Weiss – $1,294,755, 2) Harry Demetriou – $673,272, 3) Devin Porter – $332,937, 4) David Williams – $221,958, 5) Steve Frederick – $166,469, 6) Robert Mizrachi – $129,476.

*Photo from Poker Pages


4 Responses

  1. beans

    May 18, 2006 7:13 am, Reply

    AI turned into a freakin’ bawl-fest…if Paula was any more drunk and/or strung/coked-out she would have started making out with Elliot, and his mom.

  2. snake

    May 18, 2006 8:52 am, Reply

    first of all the weiss prediction was faulty as it didnt officially receive the 2/3 WCP nod in advance…had i been consulted and seen his pic this would have been an easy choice. I mean the Chicago shirt but hes from Nashville and wears glasses up on top of his head and looks like bob costas older brother…all so easy to see now…no idea why..just like you see something blue and say its blue…i see Chicago shirt, Bob Costas, glasses, etc and I say winner.
    And RObbie raking in this win would be about as likely as some newcomer from nashville winning which is EXACTLY why Weiss was an easy choice.
    Anyway i need coffee.

  3. snake

    May 18, 2006 8:54 am, Reply

    and PLEASE….AI has never once been on during our WCP home game. WTF are you talking about? It’s either the Braves game, NBA playoffs or “The Hunting Life” series. You think just because the addict and i are away in LA right now you can publish lies and fabrications.

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