The Wicked Chops Poker Forum Is Back (Brought to You By Francine Dee)

So a few months back we had to take down the Wicked Chops Poker Forum due to ridiculous on-going technical difficulties. We blame it on the so-called “Internet” and its new fangled and so difficult to understand technologies. We also blame it on some general laziness on our end in trying to figure it out. While we have almost a preternatural sixth sense in finding the next hot babe model on the Internet and owning SEO on her, solving .php issues, not so much. Anyway, start posting away again here.

And speaking of hot models, we bring you the Girl of the Month, Francine Dee. Best known as an automotive magazine and show girl, Dee has also made appearances in the movie Soul Plane (phw, who hasn’t?) and on an episode of Blind Date. And since she’s a hot Asian and in Vegas a lot, you’ll probably see her around the poker scene eventually when Negreanu or Greenstein inevitably date her.

Go to our forum here get more Francine Dee photo links.

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