The Wicked Chops Week That Was

Danielapestova14To better enhance our page views ensure you don’t miss anything in the Wicked Chops world of poker, some big stories from the past week:

:: Jamie Gold comes clean in an exclusive Wicked Chops Heads-Up interview.

:: Poker Stars proves that poker is still just a fad by booking their biggest ever Sunday Millions.

:: Barney Frank (D-MA) is working on banging a dude new legislation to counter the UIGEA.

Danielapestova2:: The WSOP introduces some new rules and prepares for 10,000+ entrants this year. 

:: Jesus, Gordo, and other move for a judgement against the WPT in that lawsuit we all forgot about.

:: Card Player was totally busted when an employee posted an anonymous comment at about BLUFF and their taking over the mantle of being the WSOP’s "official" coverage outlet.

:: J.J. Liu, a woman, almost wins a WPT championship event. She was foiled by Ted Forrest.

:: And finally, we found some sick pics of Daniela
Pestova (above).


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