The WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic Didn’t Play Down to Six for Some Reason

Erick Seidel leads WPT Foxwoods Poker ClassicThe Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker are all about efficiency. It’s like we always say: "Efficiency is efficient."

So we’re a little perplexed as to why the WPT didn’t just play it down to six today. They stopped the day with nine remaining. Would it have been so hard to lose another three? Or stop play with 18 remaining so tomorrow is more of day?

Efficiency. It’s efficient.

With nine remaining, Erik Seidel is the big stack with 2,472,000. He’s followed by Adam Katz (2,190,000) and Ted Forrest (1,682,000).

Get full chip counts from the WPT here.


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  1. BJ Nemeth

    April 8, 2008 12:19 am, Reply

    There has to be a “play down” day the day before the final table, so the WPT camera crew can record some of the pre-final table action for the show. The plan was to stop at 8:00 pm or ten players, whichever came first. But two players busted on the last hand, around 7:30 pm or so, leaving us with nine.
    Tuesday, they will play from 9 to 6 players, and it could take as little as an hour. But in some cases (such as Biloxi in September or Borgata in October), it has taken hours and hours to bust those last few players on the TV bubble.

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