There Is Also a Poker Tournament Going On in Iowa

The WSOP-C sure knows when to schedule events.

WSOP Circuit event is underway in Council Bluffs IowaSandwiched during the WPT LA Poker Classic and the NBC National Heads-Up Champsionship, the WSOP-C at remote desolate in-the-middle-of-nowhere not-beautiful beautiful Council Bluffs, Iowa (at right) perhaps gets a little lost in the shuffle.

Lucky for them, the one big name that did enter the tournament, 2005 WSOP 13th place finisher (and two-time World Poker Finals prelim event winner), Bernard Lee takes one of the big stacks to final table play.

Lee is second overall, stacked at 155,500. He trails only Michael Martin (214,500).

Read Bernard Lee’s WSOP-C blog for the ESPN Poker Club here. Visit the ESPN Poker Club website here. And get full chip counts and reporting from Poker News here.

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