There is Still a WPT Tournament Going On at Foxwoods

This year’s WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic has the air of the PGA’s U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee, or maybe better put, the John Deere Classic. Yeah, it counts. Yeah, it’s a big tournament. Sure, some big names show up and play. But this year it has that "just another event" feel.

Header1Blame the Europeans for that one.

Those stinky tea-sipping bastards stole a lot of Foxwoods’ thunder with the EPT Grand Final, which happens to be the richest tournament ever held on European soil. And in a Grand bit of irony, it was won by an American, Gavin Griffin. Way to teach those whiney little pussies a lesson, Gavin! U-S-A! U-S-A! Now let’s go invade another country.

The WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic is led by these two guys: Antonio Cavezza (1,275,000), who may or may not be Italian, and Raj Patel (1,200,000), who may or may not be Indian (dot).

In total, only 18 remain. Nam Le is one them, stacked 15th overall with 160,000. And that dorky Ted Lawson is 17th overall with 103,000. That Guy with the French Sounding Name was eliminated in 19th.

Get full chip counts here.


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