There’s a Final Table at Foxwoods?

Fpclogo07smWe’re not saying the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic final table lacks star power just because the only person we’ve ever heard of is Allen Kessler…and the only reason we’ve heard of him is because we have memories like elephants and somebody mentioned him in passing to us once as we were transacting a wire fund payment to a a guerrilla movement dedicated to overthrowing someone whose name rhymes with Tresident Lugo Khavez, but…

Ah fuck it. This final table sucks. There’s probably some human-interest story we’re missing here but whatever.

Raj Patel, who may or may not be of Indian descent, a country we have come to learn is located in Asia, enters final table play as big stack with 3,347,000. That one guy we’ve heard of, Allen Kessler, is short-stacked with 444,000. And a guy we vaguely remember for finishing 10th at the 2006 WSOP, Fred Goldberg, is fourth overall with 1,044,000.

Get final table chip counts here. Get a refresher on the periodic table here.


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