There’s a Ho in the Booth

Maria Ho is the new HPT expert commentator.

Maria Ho and the Heartland Poker Tour made history of sorts on Monday. Ho has joined the HPT team to become the first female commentator in poker broadcast history (apologies to whatever potentially show did this first that we don’t remember).

Says Maria:

“Broadcast journalism was an interest for me before poker, but it wasn’t something I thought I could segue into from poker. I have a good idea what the general poker viewing audience wants. I can bridge that gap between people who are recreational players looking to get better and the poker professional that wants to watch programming that has a little more substance to it.”

From our perspective, the real intrigue here is that Ho technically becomes the most exposed poker player if not in in the world, then definitely U.S. America. HPT is broadcast about 24/7/365 in the U.S., so the “brand impressions” she’s getting are pretty significant.

Read more about the signing here.


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