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CamerondiazThere’s Something About Mary star and Justin Timbo’s gal pal Cameron Diaz has apparently caught the poker bug, which seems to be pandemic these days, kind of like the avian flu, although we don’t have to fear the world ending because of it. In fact, the beauty here is that the bug seems to be attracted to beautifully attractive starlets such as Diaz, Shannon Elizabeth, Katherine Heigl, Joanna Krupa and Estella Warren.

The carrier of the particular bug Diaz caught was none other than Ellen Degeneres. Isn’t she great? That awesome little dance she does before her show? I love it. Ok, I despise it. Have never really been a fan of Ellen although I think she’s made an impressive comeback, one that I thought Tony Danza originally had a better shot at. Glad I didn’t bet on it.

Cameron Diaz’s story on how she got hooked on poker, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba at the tables in Tunica? and Is Jessica Biel really the sexiest woman alive? after the jump . . .

Here’s how Diaz tells the story:

"I remember the fateful night (DeGeneres introduced me to the game) as well. I remember the phone call: ‘Come over and play Texas Hold ‘Em.’ I said, ‘I don’t know how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.’ She was like, ‘None of us do, come on over.’ We sat around a big table. What time did we get done, like four o’clock in the morning? I took everybody’s money that night!"

Diaz admits that her newfound addiction is taking her to places she never dreamed of . . . like Tunica, Mississippi:

"I do like the casino a bit. I find myself at a casino every once in a while just walking through going, ‘What am I doing here?’ That’s so desperate – I’m in Tunica, Mississippi."

Katebeckinsale_1JessicalabaI’m not sure where Diaz fits on my list, but the fact that she’s a poker fiend now helps. Now, I’m just waiting for the day that I hear Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba are tossing the chips at the limit tables in the Grand Casino Tunica (holding my breath . . . still holding my breath . . . ok, I’m starting to pass out . . . alright, it ain’t gonna happen).

Speaking of lists, not sure if I’m on the same page as Esquire Magazine’s choice for the sexiest woman alive. Too girl next door for me to be the sexiest women alive, although I’ve been a fan of other girls next door in the past. I mean, Jessica Biel, sexiest woman alive? Last I checked, Jessica Alba is still alive, right? Maybe it was an administrative error and they got their Jessica’s mixed up. I’ve done that before.

Have you read Chops’ heads-up with the Oddjack crew yet? One of the best. Get to it.


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    I want to marry this girl by any means and i will do anything what ever she wants from me and i will love her from the peak of my herat and will give her all those things by which she became happy.

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