These People Are Awesome

Earlier in the week, we discussed how Clay Aiken’s army of Clags, through BadGirl’s website the Clay Report  (BadGirl are you hot?  You sound hot.  God we hope you’re not 14…or a dude…), have become our new Top Recent Referrer. 

Katharine_mcphee5We never thought, so long as he linked to us once or twice a month, that anyone would top Pauly.  But the Clags have come out in full force and will be perched atop our recent referrers list until the end of the month.  It’s a lock.  Book it. 

Does this mean that despite his new haircut and coming out of the closet that Clay Aiken is more popular than poker?  It’s hard to say.  We don’t know.  We don’t even know if he’ll out-sell Katharine McPhee’s soon-to-be-released album through 19 Recordings. 

However, what we do know is that the below list of sites are awesome for at least attempting to take back our Top Recent Referrer spot.  Read these sites.  They’re the stuff of legends.  Or legends in the making, at least. 

If we were single and these sites were girls, we wouldn’t even treat them as cheap one night stands.  We’d date them.  Bring them flowers.  Take them home to meet the fam.  Text message them sweet nothings.  Yes, I think we’re falling in love with the sites below, all of whom have just pimped us or regularly do so. 

High on Poker
Steel Nuts
Jen Leo
Kid Dynamite
Hometown Poker
Kajagugu Poker
Tao of Poker
4th Street
CL Russo (new one, give him a read)


4 Responses

  1. clrusso

    June 8, 2006 7:38 am, Reply

    God damn you guys are on the stick. I was going to let you know that I pimped Wicked Chops, only to find that you’ve already reciprocated.
    Big ups to you, bitches.

  2. Kajagugu

    June 8, 2006 7:07 pm, Reply

    You guys really are awesome. Way better than CLay Aiken! How in the world did you find out that I pimped you on my blog so quickly?

  3. Kid Dynamite

    June 8, 2006 7:59 pm, Reply

    Chops, if my blog were a chick, she’d be a discriminating slut (she doesn’t pimp just ANYBODY), and would TOTALLY let you hammer her in the backdoor. (and by that, i mean suck out holding 7-2 for runner-runner, of course)
    ok – this is getting weird.

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