Things Not to Do While in Vegas for The WSOP

In the latest edition of BLUFF Magazine, we provided our 2007 WSOP Surivival Tips (included in them: don’t suck, and eat at The Coffee Shop at TI).

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Now has put up its top Vegas misconceptions. From things not to do (like saying "Vegas, baby," which is just as bad as shouting "that’s what I’m talking about!" after sucking out) to why all chicks in Sin City are not hookers…sort of…it’s a must watch for WSOP travelers.

Since this video stars the gorgeously dangerous Denise Pernula, after the jump is one of her latest model shots . . .



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  1. The Dingo

    June 14, 2007 6:56 pm, Reply

    What a fuckin idiot avg skank, does she even live in Vegas
    fuckin totally retarded TV IMO

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