This Girl is Playing the EPT Dublin

Alexia_portalFrench actress and infrequent showerer Alexia Portal, star of such films as a bunch of French ones you’ve never seen, was among the players on Day 1b of the EPT Dublin yesterday.

Ok, that’s pretty much all we got on the EPT Dublin.

Oh one more thing, defending EPT Dublin champ Roland de Wolfe showed up yesterday looking like a million bucks after being a no-show on Day 1a.

In related news, de Wolfe went busto.

In more related news, as in it also happened yesterday, Paris Hilton dressed up like a tranny ho pulling tricks outside a PX last night in Las Vegas and she did it all for the troops.

Want more of a recap of Day 1 at the EPT Dublin? Craving the nitty gritty details? Want to know who the chipleaders are? Want to read about a bunch of foreign dudes with non anglo names you can’t pronounce? Ok, then, go here.

For all that is good about France, go here.


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