This Girl Wants You to Shack at Harrah’s AC New Waterfront Tower

Harrahs painted chicks giving out free rooms to new Waterfront TowerIf you’re near Wall Street today, the chick above (another pic here) and three other half naked painted chicks are handing out free hotel room keys to the new 44-story Waterfront Tower at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. They’ll be standing in the Canyon of Heroes area on lower Broadway near the 4/5 Wall St. subway station, between the hours of 11:00am to 2:00pm. Anyone picking up a key will be invited to reserve their comped room for one night only – Thursday, June 5, 2008.

This is a promotion a friend of ours is running for Harrah’s, and they will be doing the same promotion in Philadelphia (May 20th), Washington, DC (May 22nd) and Baltimore (May 28th).

While we have long said that the Borgata is hands down the best thing going in AC, the next closest thing, literally, is its neighbor to the north Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Located in the marina district (far from the cheese/guys with knives found on the boardwalk), the Harrah’s property isn’t a bad option if you can’t get a room at the Borg but still want to play poker there as the two properties are connected by a sidewalk and straight-shot road. The last time we were there they were finishing up the new Waterfront Tower, which is a 525-foot tower with almost a 1000 rooms, making it the second tallest man made structure in New Jersey. We’re guessing some nuclear plant or landfill is the tallest.

While the old part of the hotel is what you’d expect from an eponymously named Harrah’s property (blue haired midwesterner type fare), the new tower area in the hotel seems to be going after the Borgata crowd with a bunch of new Vegas-type shops, spa and restaurants and an indoor pool area that surprisingly had a bunch of hot chicks there when we stopped by. Looking at the Harrah’s site, Carmen Electra is making an appearance at the pool next week, so they have that going for them.

As a side note, what’s up with these sort of nude-colored, hospital-issued-looking, ACE bandage bikini tops? Same thing Megan Fox has on in this pic.

Relatedly, see the poker playing Cat Girl naked and covered in paint here.



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