This Girl Will Be Here Soon at the 2008 WSOP

Christina_lindleyWe just got word that Christina Lindley, the Playboy/Maxim model we wrote about in this post, will be here at the Rio in Las Vegas sometime this week and will be playing in the 2008 WSOP Ladies Event on Sunday, June 8.

This is good news because Lindley looks pretty hot and her website says she is a “fitness model” and based on a random encounter two of us Entities had a few years ago with a girl named Tanya Taylor we can 100% confirm that when a girl says she is a “fitness model” it means she likes to get naked and freaky, and does porn.

Speaking of, Gambling 911‘s try-sexual reporter Jenny Woo just told us that she recently interviewed Christina Lindley. Check out the girl-on-girl chat here.

And watch a video of Christina Lindley doing some lingerie shoot with another chick below.

Okay . . . we actually read the Jenny Woo interview and apparently Lindley doesn’t do porn. She doesn’t even do the drop-the-top thing. Maybe she is a Mormon. Or perhaps that fitness model/porn correlation was just a Tanya Taylor thing. We’ll look into it.

Also, apparently Lindley is taking this whole poker thing seriously and has been getting some lessons from Jeff “Prairie Dog” Madsen and Hollywood Dan Dave. In her interview with Woo she also doesn’t seem to think much of Shannon Elizabeth and says Barry Greenstein and Sammy Farha are the pros she “looks up to” the most.

Again, check out Woo’s interview here.


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