This Guy Seriously Proposed to His Girl at the World Series of Poker

Earlier on Sunday, we tweeted that there are two types of guys in this world: 1) guys who propose to their girl on the Jumbotron at sporting events or, 2) guys who propose in private.

History has also shown us that a lot of girls don’t dig the big public proposal.

Regardless, it’s hard to argue with the logic of starting the rest of your life with someone by asking for their hand in marriage in front of a bunch of disinterested, slovenly, degenerate gamblers. Like the above guy did at the 2013 WSOP Main Event.

Oh wait, no it’s not hard to argue with that logic at all. Seriously man, put a suit on at least if you’re gonna do that there.

Proposing to someone at the WSOP is like buying a white leather sofa. Sure, it sounds like a good idea at the time. Then the shit shows up and you think to yourself, “Hmmmm…maybe, just maybe, I’ve made better decisions than this.”

In semi-related news, James Woods is dating someone 46 fucking years younger than him! Either James Woods won a billion dollars playing Hollywood home poker games we’re not aware of, he has a 14 inch penis, or this chick might be a fame fucker.


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